How WeGoLook for you

Do you need an item verified or task performed?

  • An item you wish to purchase online
  • A task completed in a different part of the country or world

WeGoLook and Do

  • Dispatch a Looker (Agent) nationwide on your behalf
  • Lookers will complete a customized task
  • Photos, video, and more captured by local Looker

Receive a WeGoLook Report

  • Verification of the item and current condition
  • Task completion
  • Photos, video, and more…
  • Completed in 3-5 business days (rush order available)


Commercial clients can create nationwide custom report templates or tasks while utilizing our dynamic field services platform, API, and more.

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  1. Looker Delivers item to a Shipper (avoid bait-and-switch fraud)
  2. WeGoLook Arranges Transport (any item/anywhere)
  3. Same Day Delivery Services

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