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Insurance Inspection Services

Insurance Inspection Services

For Lenders, Banks and Insurance Companies

Typically on a yearly basis, many lenders, banks and insurance companies need to have updated and accurate information (including photos) about the property they mortgage or insure. Buyers and lenders may also hire WeGoLook to quickly and inexpensively inspect the property before qualifying that a property is worth buying.

Our insurance services include:

  • Verify the current condition of the property for any risks
  • Interior and Exterior inspection of the property
  • Take current photos of the damaged property
  • Drive-by Inspection of the property
  • Complete Reporting for Insurance policies
  • Custom Reporting (just let us know what you need performed)


  • Easy online ordering process
  • Receive your report no later than two to three business days after placement of the order
  • Enjoy Peace-of-mind while Saving time
  • Nationwide Service (We have 10,000+ background check verified Looker Agents nationwide)
  • Cost Effective
  • Inspection report includes videos, photos and detailed descriptions. (This can be customized as per business requirement)

Contact us to receive a sample report of our services.