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Drive-By Property Inspection Services

Drive-By Property Inspection Services

Drive-By inspections provide onsite verification of a property when no contact is needed with a borrower, owner or bank. Drive-by inspections are required and utilized by commercial lenders, insurance companies, lending companies, REITs, individual owners and more.

The explosion of foreclosures nationwide has driven buyers, individuals and companies in need of inspection documents for mortgage purposes. Choosing to hire onsite inspectors to quickly and inexpensively verify a property before qualifying a property worth buying is easy with WeGoLook Field Services.

WeGoLook provides independent onsite verification services in regards to drive by property inspections.

Our Lookers complete a personalized report including current photos and noting observations such as:

  • Driveway condition
  • Property condition
  • Occupancy appearance
  • Exterior photos of the property
  • Photos/Video of Neighborhood
  • Preconstruction Inspections
  • Site Review

While WeGoLook offers “Drive-By” inspections, our inspectors are fully capable of many more tasks and perform a multitude of Look Reports.


  • Easy online ordering process
  • Receive your report no later than two to three business days after placement of the order
  • Enjoy Peace-of-mind while Saving time
  • Nationwide Service (We have over 7,000 background check verified Looker® Inspectors nationwide)
  • Cost Effective
  • Inspection report includes videos, photos and detailed descriptions. (This can be customized as per business requirement)
  • Contact us to receive a sample report of our services.inquiries from buyers due to the third-party verification.
  • Buyers can simply review the report for information.