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About WeGoLook

Our Mission

Each year, millions of consumers make online purchases and end up falling victim to fraud or find themselves in the midst of a scam. Our mission at WeGoLook is to provide a service that global consumers can access at any time, regardless of their location, to verify an item, property, or person by dispatching a Looker® Agent on their behalf and providing them with a personalized and affordable report. With the world at your fingertips, the WeGoLook® service makes it possible to purchase with confidence and avoid costly surprises.

What is WeGoLook?

The WeGoLook® service is a diverse field services platform featuring over 10,000+ agents in the United States. Agents capture dynamic data and complete a variety of custom tasking on behalf of an individual or corporate customer and are required to pass background checks prior to doing so.  Data capture includes photos, video, observations, measurements and completing customized report templates.  Custom tasking includes picking up items then delivering to a shipper, retrieving courthouse records, notarizing documents and more.  WeGoLook currently provides crowdsourcing services for various financial institutions, insurance companies, automotive and heavy equipment clients, auction platforms, and other industries. The WeGoLook® custom tasking service provides a robust solution to many corporate clients requiring nationwide coverage combined with the ability to customize solutions. WeGoLook has expanded to international markets in the United Kingdom and Australia with moderate coverage in Canada.

How it all started:

Mark Caywood, WeGoLook Co-Founder, conceived the idea of an online verification company after the unsettling experience of buying an expensive (and unseen) video projector in an eBay auction. Mark, Robin, and Mat all sat down and started brainstorming, what could people do with this resource at their fingertips. The idea began expanding and WeGoLook was launched in June 2010.

Get Involved

How many times have you watched a newscast, read a blog, or scanned an article featuring a story about the latest fraud/scam?

Don’t just sit there, get involved! Here are some of the many ways you can stand up to online scams:

  • Become a WeGoLook Looker® Agent
  • Share Your Experience with us on Facebook or Twitter
  • Be an Advocate for Consumer Safety and Spread the Word